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1) Alberta — remains open. You do not need to apply unless they send a notification of interest in your EE profile. They pick directly from EE pool but you need to have a close connection to the province.

2) BC — Same like Alberta but the connection is not mandatory. You need a job offer to get an invitation to apply.

3) Saskatchewan (SINP) — Best one to apply if you do not have a job offer or any connection to the province. Remains open for Expression of interest submission. the condition is your NOC must be in their occupation in demand list.

4) Nova Scotia — Category A remains open but you need a job offer and express entry profile to apply.

5) Category B — Remains closed. Generally, they open 3 to 4 times a year. In 2018, it was only 2 times April & November). Expected to open in the first quarter of 2019. You do not need a job offer or a connection to the province. nike Air max 90 pas cher, You need express entry profile and your NOC must be in OID list to apply.

6) Nova Scotia Labor market priorities (LMP) — A new express entry stream started by NS to target a specific NOC. opened only once. You need express entry profile to qualify. They will issue a letter of interest in your EE profile if your NOC is what they are looking for. CRS score does not matter.

7) New Brunswick — Hide and seek PN P. opens and closes for receiving applications throughout the year. Generally, if you know French or have job offer or connection to the province, just be ready to submit your E01 profile all the time. They also have an option to submit without job offer or connection but you should have attended their information session that they organize throughout the year in several parts of the world. This stream opens 1 or 2 times a year.

8) PEI-No set of rules. You need Express Entry profile. Just submit E01 from their website ( it takes minutes ). If you are lucky, you get invited. Otherwise, it is not recommended to waste your time on this PNP. air max pas cher france, Mostly they invite if you have a job offer but there are cases,cheap jordan retro 11, where people get invite without job offers for specific NOCs like chefs, mechanics, lawyers.

9) Ontario — Remains open. No need of job offer or connection to the province. This is the only provincial nomination program where your CRS matters. NOC does not matter. Their latest draw was on the 3rd week of January 2019 with 1400 plus letters of interest issued to express entry profiles with lowest cut off RS 439 (reportedly). They will notify you in your EE profile if you seem to be fit for their province. cheap jordan 11,They are also actively looking for Francophones with CRS as low as 350s. If you have a job offer, chances are high in Ontario.

10) Manitoba — Remains open but forget about it if you do not have any relative in Manitoba.

11) Newfoundland — Need EE profile and the job offer.


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