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One of the programs that fall under the Canada Express Entry is the Federal Skilled Trades Program. The FSTP allows individuals who are qualified trade workers with the appropriate certification, to immigrate to Canada and work in certain listed occupation sectors. Additionally, it aids the applicants to apply for a permanent residence in Canada

What are the eligibility criteria for Canada Federal Skilled Trades Visa?
To be eligible for the visa, one must have:
• An offer of full-time employment for a time period of at least one year or a certificate of qualification in the respective skilled trade (issued by a Canadian authority).
• At least two years of full-time work experience or an equal amount of part-time experience within five years. in the skilled trade you have applied for immigration.
• Meet the English and French language requirements levels set by the associated authorities.
• Meet the job requirements mentioned for the nominated job in the National Occupational Classification (NOC Level B).

In order to immigrate to Canada by the means of the Federal Skilled Trades. it is not mandatory for you to have educational credentials. However, a post-secondary certificate, diploma, or degree will benefit you with additional points.

Additionally. if you have a common-law partner spouse, who has lived with you in a conjugal relationship for at least one year and happens to meet all the listed eligibility criteria, then any one of you both can apply as a primary applicant under the Canada Express Entry program.

A maximum of 100 applications is accepted under the 90 NOC B level occupations, eligible for this program. The 90 eligible occupations fall into the following general categories:
• Industrial, electrical, and construction trades
• Maintenance and equipment operation trades
• Supervisors and technical occupations in national resources, agriculture and related production
• Processing, manufacturing and utility supervisors and central control operators
• Chefs and cooks
• Butchers and bakers

Note: The Federal Skilled Trades aids you to immigrate to any province of Canada. exclusive of Quebec. As Quebec has its own rules of choosing immigrants, you have the Quebec selected skilled worker programs for your immigration process.

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