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Immigrant Investor Venture Capital
Suppose you are an international investor with the skills and abilities needed to contribute to the Canadian economy and integrate into Canadian society, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residence under the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (I IVC).

Applicants who are selected as immigrant investors need to show that they acquire their net worth of at least CDN $10 million through lawful profit-making business or investment activities.

These could include:
• Income or capital gains acquired through the ownership or management of commercial, for-profit entities
• Funds acquired through private sector activities, such as public equity investments or private equity placements.

Please note that personal net worth acquired through inheritance or in the value of your primary residence does not count, as these are not considered “business or investment activities- for the purpose of this program. All selected investors will be asked to obtain a due diligence report from a designated service provider for validation of source of their wealth.

Self Employed Category:
This program is ttn people who rill become self-employed in Canada For which they need to have one of the following • Relevant world-class experience in cultural activities or athletics and intend to make a significant contribution to the cultural or athletic life of Canada • Experience in managing a farm or ability to buy and manage a farm in Canada.

Start-Up Visa
Canada’s Start-up Visa Program targets immigrant young entrepreneurs with the required skills and potential to build businesses in Canada that are:
• Innovative
• Can create jobs for Canadians
• Can compete on a global scale. Any innovative business Idea In your mind? Investment support for your Idea?

Suppose you get support for your idea from one of the designated organizations, you may be able to immigrate to Canada. It is that simple. Why move to Canada? Why build your business in Canada?

There are many reasons why Canada is the best place to build your business. • a strong economy
• low taxes
• low business costs excellence In research and Innovation
▪ a high quality of life

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